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Soltero – Hell Train

SolteroHell TrainPoor Tim Howard. Things never seem to work out for him. He’s perpetually dejected with the ennui of everyday life. His plans never go through and of course he never gets the girl. He’s sort of like a 20-something Charlie Brown. And to make matters worse, you’ve never even heard of him. Like many guys his age, he puts his … [Read more...]

Made Out of Babies – Trophy

Made Out of BabiesTrophyWith a name like Made Out of Babies, it’s a safe bet that this Brooklyn four-piece isn’t interested in subtlety. This album rocks hard and loose in the proud noise-rock tradition of the Jesus Lizard, Butthole Surfers, and their myriad progeny. Frontwoman Julie Christmas adds an intriguing dimension to the familiarly abrasive … [Read more...]

Rufio – The Comfort of Home

RufioThe Comfort of HomeRufio’s The Comfort of Home is exactly the type of bloated pop-punk album that I hate to see. Most of the songs on it are vapid, over-produced pop-punkers that make me want to retch when I hear them on the radio. In fact, this 16-song album can be pared down to seven choice tracks: 1.“Never Learn” - A speed-punk/pop-punk … [Read more...]

The Nervous Return – Wake Up Dead

The Nervous ReturnWake Up DeadOne of the small joys of listening to indie music or even major-label recordings in an indie vein is picking up on American singers’ slip into British accents. There are so many examples of such incidents, and sometimes the vocalists merit a ridiculing smile rather than one of genuine appreciation. Fortunately, on his … [Read more...]

Lake Trout – Not Them, You

Lake TroutNot Them, YouThe commercial and critical success of Radiohead seemed to spawn an ocean of followers, mostly imitators, but the dreamy, shoegazey, atmospheric rock (emphasis on the rock) on Not Them, You proves that the guys in Lake Trout are innovators, not imitators. The music is so saturated with the emotive mope-rock influences of UK … [Read more...]

Bellini – Small Stones

BelliniSmall StonesWow, it's been quite a week. Personally, I started taking law courses after being away from school since 1996. Nationally, well, people are suffering pretty bad. To live is to suffer, and we all have suffered to various degrees. The band Bellini dodged a huge bullet after raucous founding member and drummer, Damon Che, had an … [Read more...]

Paint the Town Red – Home is Where the Hate Is

Paint the Town RedHome is Where the Hate IsPaint the Town Red's Home is Where the Hate Is has truth in advertising, but this is also socially conscious hardcore. While it's a decent effort, the lack of innovation renders it far from mandatory listening. Modern Life is War has comparable lyrical messages but also reasons to hear them out. It's … [Read more...]

Mercury Switch – Time to Shine

Mercury SwitchTime to ShineMercury Switch plays fairly standard metalcore with chugging mosh parts, dissonant textures, lightly technical runs, etc. Scars of Tomorrow comes to mind, and both bands bore me to death, but whatever. Tracks 1-6 are exactly what I state above, but tracks 7-11 are actually a conceptual piece called "The Invitation of … [Read more...]

Jennifer Greer – The Apiary

Jennifer GreerThe ApiaryThe first thing I noticed about Jennifer Greer’s new album, The Apiary, was her lush vocals. This woman has one of those pretty, passionate voices that seems suited to any kind of music she could ever want to sing. Armed with her piano and a backup band, Ms. Greer takes on the world of jazz and pop with flawless clarity that … [Read more...]

Dumptruck – D is for Dumptruck

DumptruckD is for DumptruckThe band Dumptruck had a decent run at popularity in the mid- to late-80s, putting out some albums that caught the attention of the college-radio crowds. Some commercial alternative-rock stations also noticed the band, and so despite the rather odd name, the band sold some records and made a name for itself. Those … [Read more...]