Son of the Mourning – Split EP

Relatively unknown bands My Shining One and Son of the Mourning are featured on this Engineer Records split. The former creates catchy metalcore that’s like Killswitch Engage with Metallica’s snarling vocals. The latter band accomplishes little more than a Converge imitation.

My Shining One displays some thrilling metalcore during its share. The heavy riffing is melodic and accessible, and yelled vocals are laced with attitude. I was impressed with all three songs, but “Small Hours” was a personal favorite. Its ending immediately reminded me of an older Achilles tune called “Let’s Dance.” The resemblance is a stomping breakdown only accompanied with screaming. Contrary to mosh-metal bands that are oblivious to tasteful chug fills, My Shining One is almost guilty of underusing breakdowns.

Manchester import Son of the Mourning wastes no time with two blistering tracks of Converge worship. If you’re not familiar with Converge, think hyperactive dissonant guitars with shrill screaming. The band’s third and final track, “Memento,” attempts a slightly different approach. The band experiments with a long, brooding introduction and later introduces cleanly sung backups. “Memento” fumbles around, trying to span different styles, but improvement could see them parallel the likes of Taken or ISIS.

My only premonitions on this split was that it would be heavy, being the product of Engineer’s roster. The better half of this split belongs to My Shining One; however, that last Son of the Mourning song admittedly ended on a promising note.