Pride Kills – Deep in the Heart

Pride Kills
Deep in the Heart

I wonder what exactly it is about NYHC that attracts so many fans. The music is almost never short on brutality, I’ll give it that. As far as anything else, though, it generally fails. It’s rarely creative and almost never has anything to offer from a technical aspect. I often find that its fans are a representation of its sound: simple, burly men dancing to simple, burly music.

Pride Kills plays straight-up 90s-style metallic New York hardcore with a bit of added melody and some decently varied tempos. If you are into Madball, you probably will like this. The band even does a few things throughout that bring to mind One Life Crew.

Specifically, “Driving On” is Madball worship at its pinnacle with simple grooves and much metallic moshability. “Deep in the Heart” starts out with a spoken intro that absolutely reeks of One Life Crew, and it is a solid track sans the silly, sloppy guitar solo. The song writing is pretty typical of this style, complete with faster metallic picking parts and some mid-paced chugging riffs. If it matters at all, members of Full Blown Chaos and My Luck pop up in a few places for addition vocals, but they sound basically the same so who cares.

There’s nothing wrong with Deep in the Heart per se, but it is pretty much just typical NYHC with very little working in the creativity department. If you need every single NYHC-style album that ever comes out, then by all means, spend your hard-earned money on this. Otherwise, go buy an old Earth Crisis album or something.