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Dracula Zombie USA – The Summer Jam

Dracula Zombie USAThe Summer JamI don’t care if you like the name or not, Dracula Zombie USA is as close to Aphex Twin and Lightning Bolt’s lovechild as you’re likely to get, especially if that lovechild loves The Go! Team and LCD Soundsystem. Hah, I got you there. You can’t possibly resist the combo of Lightning Bolt, Aphex Twin, The Go! Team, and … [Read more...]

Thee More Shallows – Freshman Thesis

Thee More ShallowsFreshman ThesisA smart little band called Thee More Shallows is grabbing some well-deserved and positive attention from the perpetually critical indie/undie world. And by perpetually critical indie/undie world, I mean the handful of amateur music journalism websites, webzines, weblogs, and any other publication with the prefix … [Read more...]

Salim Nourallah – Beautiful Noise

Salim NourallahBeautiful NoiseThe best pop music relies on the immediacy of the moment, that strange Kierkegaardian instance of indeterminate reality where there are no relations and everything is untrue. After all, the beast is simplistic by nature, designed to be repetitive, even recursive in its form; it makes sense that pop – in offering a … [Read more...]

Boyracer – Insults & Insights

BoyracerInsults & InsightsThe mighty Rhino Records is set to release a luscious five-CD box set entitled Children of Nuggets sometime this fall. The highly anticipated compilation will feature rock and roll bands from the 70s through the 90s highly influenced by the legendary original Nuggets collection of 60s garage standards. Leeds' Boyracer … [Read more...]

Calm Murder – Two Sides of the Suicide King

Calm MurderTwo Sides of the Suicide KingThe last split from Engineer had its ups and downs, and Two Sides of the Suicide King follows suit. Catalyst and Calm Murder share this eight-song split, but the latter band reigns supreme. Catalyst opens the split with dark, plain metal riffs in the dragging "Kiss You Goodbye." Likewise, the guitar … [Read more...]

Brian Setzer – Rockabilly Riot! Vol. One

Brian SetzerRockabilly Riot! Vol. OneBrowsing the aisles of your friendly neighborhood Tower megastore, it's easy to feel as if more half-hearted tributes and opportunistic covers comps saturate the market than works by the original artists to whom radio-rotation fixtures supposedly pay such breathless homage. Even in cases where one can put aside … [Read more...]

Jamie Lidell – Multiply

Jamie LidellMultiplyDon’t listen to the filing cards at your local record stores: Jamie Lidell’s Multiply is not an electronic album. Spurred by his fruitful collaboration with Christian Vogel in the undeniably fun Super Collider, Lidell has crafted an album of straight soul and funk tracks that very often reference his experimental past. When he … [Read more...]

The Y Equals – Consume Regurgitate Resume

The Y EqualsConsume Regurgitate ResumeTraversing the boundaries of post-hardcore comes unsigned act The Y Equals. On the band's second full-length, the Texan boys bust out 10 tracks recorded live in a studio. The band's vocal style encompasses singing and screaming, with dense, melodic guitars that roughly place them somewhere in between the last … [Read more...]

Wolf Parade – S/T EP

Wolf ParadeS/T EPPreviously known to many Americans only as a hotbed for secession-minded Cannucks, Montreal has long boasted a cheery Euro-collegiate ambiance, a favorable exchange rate, and a number world-class strip clubs (always excellent combination, in my book). Perhaps responding in desperation to the protracted NHL lockout, in the last year … [Read more...]

Desert City Soundtrack – Perfect Addiction

Desert City SoundtrackPerfect AddictionAt one time, Desert City Soundtrack was easily the most aggressive band on Deep Elm's roster. By combining somber elements of bands like The Black Heart Procession with post-hardcore throat-shredding not unlike Portraits of Past or early Fugazi, it was a destructive tour de force to be reckoned with. If you … [Read more...]