Out to Win – Beg for Life

Out to Win
Beg for Life

RANT! I get really annoyed with all the bands that make a point to say they feature members from (insert unknown band here), because for the most part no one cares. In general, the ex-members information is most likely used in hopes that it will help sell records. Sure, sometimes it is helpful as a point of reference or to hint at what a band will sound like, but no one cares about what band you were in during high school.

Rant aside, Out to Win features ex-members of the band Mushmouth, of which I’ve never heard of and won’t take the time to do the research. These guys play competent 90s-style metalcore that borrows more from the likes of Slayer than the more modern European influence, including hoarsely yelled vocals, plenty of mid-paced chugging riffs, and mind-numbingly simple breakdowns.

For the most part, Beg for Life is executed well, albeit devoid of creativity, but the recording sort of ruins anything the band tries to accomplish. The drums are weak and clicky, the guitar has an unnaturaly clean sheen to it, the bass is too chunky, etc. The production isn’t HORRIBLE, as the vocals sound pretty nice, but it feels half-assed at best.

I can definitely get down on some 90s-style metalcore when it’s done right, but why not listen to the source than a copy-cat that comes along 10 years later? Even at that, if they were more than simply “competent” it would help. But shit, these guys are content to just rehash the past and try to make a buck off it. I’ll pass.