Gwar – Live From Mt. Fuji

Live From Mt. Fuji

The legions of Japanese Gwar fans could no longer be denied. Early in 2007, they began gathering on the slopes of Mt. Fuji, demanding that the scumdogs of the universe come and rock the mountain. As the small gathering became a mob of deformed, blood-thirsty maniacs, the Japanese Defence Force tried to contain them using water cannons, tear gas, and finally they brought in the giant robots, but still to no avail. The Gwar fans would have their show or die trying. The scene caused quite a stir, and eventually word got out to Gwar’s lead singer, Oderus Urungus, who quickly assembled the band and made the voyage from their chilly home in Antarctica. The band then proceeded to bring the metal like Japan has never heard before. The only way the show was stopped was by a nuclear warhead rumored to have been sent from North Korea. Luckily, the whole thing was caught on tape, and it is the only record of the event, other than the huge hole left from the bomb.

Obviously, this didn’t really happen, but it would be freakin’ sweet, wouldn’t it? Gwar is just one of those bands that won’t go away, not that anyone wants it to. The band’s incredible staying power can be traced to one thing: the non-stop touring with a one-of-a-kind live show. With Live From Mt. Fuji, we have the first ever audio documentation of the live madness.

Contained on this disc are some of the all-time Gwar classics, spanning their entire career. Among the standouts are crowd favorite “Sick of You” with its infectious chorus, “Womb With a View” and its humorously gory lyrics, and the anthemic “Bring Back the Bomb.”

Gwar isn’t the heavist band in town anymore, and the group isn’t aren’t wowing crowds based on these guys’ technical prowess. No, Gwar is just a hardworking band that does everything it can to entertain, and that is rare these days. Get Live From Mt. Fuji if you want a small sample of what Gwar has to offer.