Federation X – Rally Day

Federation X
Rally Day

Every time I listen to Rally Day, I picture a smoke-filled garage (not cigarettes mind you) somewhere in early-70s suburbia. Yea, sort of like the basement in Detroit Rock City, except these guys aren’t playing Kiss covers. Instead, Federation X laces stoner-rock grooves with hints of garage rock wrapped in punk packaging.

Rally Day is full of meaty power chords, thick grooves, solid percussion, and reverberated vocals that carry simple but catchy melodies. If you will, try to imagine a mix of Death From Above 1979’s raw energy, MC5’s punk flair, and the grooves of The Jesus Lizard. There are a few slightly psychadelic moments throughout that could even be considered Sabbathian in nature.

“Greetings” is an odd way to intro an album, as it is simply a one-second track that says “Hi” to the listener. It gives a false sense of kindness from Federation X, however, as “Nightmare Nation” follows the abrupt beginning with a punnishing groove comparable to The White Stripes. The distorted bass intro to the title track “Rally Day” only reinforces that Federation X’s membvers are not your friends; they are here to rock you. Black Sabbath fans pay attention to “A Fear to Fly.”

The first few times I played the disc through, it wasn’t doing much for me, but eventually the catchy guitar licks caught up with me and it just clicked. The rumbling grooves on Rally Day are undeniable and will get you reaching for the bong before you know it.