Champion – Time Slips Away

Time Slips Away

Time Slips Away chronicles the first four years of Champion’s exsistence. Specifically, this is the band’s first two long out of print EPs, “Count Our Numbers” and “Come Out Swinging” re-issued with new packaging.

Compared to the chops displayed on Promises Kept, this stuff is a more basic version of hardcore than I thought it would be. Dare I say this could be considered a little primative? Anyway, Champion has changed significantly since these EPs, and I like the new, more melodic leanings a lot more than this.

This could be viewed as both good and bad because it means Time Slips Away is a bit boring comparitively, but also it means that Champion has grown as a band. I suppose it depends on how you look at it.

Unless you are a die-hard Champion fan, there is really no reason to get this record. Besides, if you are all that die-hard to begin with, you probably have these tracks via mp3 or even the original recordings.