Calm Murder – Two Sides of the Suicide King

Calm Murder
Two Sides of the Suicide King

The last split from Engineer had its ups and downs, and Two Sides of the Suicide King follows suit. Catalyst and Calm Murder share this eight-song split, but the latter band reigns supreme.

Catalyst opens the split with dark, plain metal riffs in the dragging “Kiss You Goodbye.” Likewise, the guitar riffing doesn’t have enough edge to make an impression on the following songs. It reminds me of some of the older Underoath material, but less intense and catchy. The poor-sounding production is one factor for this disappointment. Cymbal crashes, for example, sound like banging on garbage cans. Mike Mead’s screaming gives the band some points, as he goes from gutteral to clean in the same breath. The band’s last song is the best display of these guys’ metallic hardcore, the anthemic “This Heart Won’t Heal on it’s Own.”

There’s not much wrong with Calm Murder besides the lame moniker. These guys tear through their four-song portion of caustic metalcore similar to Converge. Calm Murder infuses more melodic elements into its sound; however, the desperate Jacob Bannon-style screaming is not compromised. From the two-minute blur of “These Hearts Don’t Have Names” to the thrilling rush of “This Day Love Died,” it’s clear these guys are more than a carbon copy of their influences. They can segue clean guitars and calmly spoken words seamlessly before returning to heavy form.

Although Engineer Records’ roster has varying standards, this particular release contains enough reason too avoid the used bin. Calm Murder is a faithful relative to the Jane Doe-era Converge you know and love.