Blue Monday (alt.) – Rewritten

There are three types of hardcore bands. The first type is made of the kids who are just jumping on a trend, content to just regurgitate the same shit, record after record. The second type is equally lacking in creativity, but these bands are good at what they do, and if you are lucky, they will bring a little passion to the table. The third type is the standard setter band that infuses a little of its own sound into a stale genre and therefore make wading through all the other crap worthwhile. Blue Monday is the second type of band – it doesn’t do much on creativity, but the band is solid enough, with the right amounts of old-school and new-school influences.

Blue Monday’s version of hardcore is fast, angry, and straight-edge, and if it matters to you, these guys are also vegetarians. Think Stay Gold, Carry On, and maybe even a little Madball in the more metallic parts. Expect the usual basic chord progressions, a little metallic flair, shouted vocals, and some melody for a little extra flavor. Pretty typical, but again, solid.

“Next Breath” is a perfect example of the accenting melody mentioned above, and therefore it’s one of the stronger tracks on the album. “Bloody Knuckles” tries to infuse a quirky lead line into the mix, but it sort of ends up falling flat. However, the metallic groove of “Bereaved” brings to mind Madball and totally redeems the album.

If you are into this sort of thing, go for it, but Rewritten fails to engage me as a listener. Halfway through, my mind starts wandering all over the place. What am I gonna eat for lunch? How would my boss look in a bikini? It’s a good effort, but Blue Monday definitely isn’t rewriting the hardcore playbook.