A Day to Remember – And Their Name Was Treason

A Day to Remember
And Their Name Was Treason

Third-rate metalcore meets pop-punk that goes off the charts on the suck-o-meter. No, there isn’t one redeeming quality on this album. No, you shouldn’t buy it. Yes, it is a waste of space. This description should be more than enough to tell you what this sounds like, but it is my duty to give a review of this pile of audio diarrhea.

A Day to Remember plays a blend of generic metalcore, overdone pop-punk, and whiney emo. The metalcore influence is contrived at best, but at least it is better than the weak pop -unk displayed throughout And Their Name Was Treason.

Keeping in mind that these guys lack even the slightest bit of creativity, they’re not good at what they do. The metalcore is barely competent, the pop-punk lacks any energy… I’m really at a loss for words with this one. Needless to say, this is a total abomination. The only reason you should buy this album is if you plan to destroy it shortly after to assure that no one would ever accidentally buy this and be subjected to this nonsense.