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Lichens – The Psychic Nature of Being

LichensThe Psychic Nature of BeingSituation one: you’re alone, walking down an empty street. For some reason, you’ve been drenched in water and your clothes are a bit disheveled. You look as though you’ve just gotten out of a fight and you’re out of breath. The moon is hovering overhead overbearingly, as it shines its light upon you and casts … [Read more...]

Andrew Thompson – Egad!

Andrew ThompsonEgad!I don’t care what you think, but any song about evil robots with stun guns automatically deserves some sort of public recognition ... especially when that song has a bouncy, new-wave beat and hilariously awesome lyrics. Honestly, when was the last time you heard a song that features a goofy android utter, “Come on outside, I … [Read more...]

Gwar – Live From Mt. Fuji

GwarLive From Mt. FujiThe legions of Japanese Gwar fans could no longer be denied. Early in 2007, they began gathering on the slopes of Mt. Fuji, demanding that the scumdogs of the universe come and rock the mountain. As the small gathering became a mob of deformed, blood-thirsty maniacs, the Japanese Defence Force tried to contain them using water … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Song of the Silent Land

Various ArtistsSong of the Silent LandConstellation Records has put together a compilation of remixes and unreleased tracks from all members of its deep roster. The resulting album, Song of the Silent Land, is wildly diverse. The artists dive deep into their particular styles, from the scratchy acoustic dirges of Sackville and Sofa, to the … [Read more...]

Carrie Yury – Mutter EP

Carrie YuryMutter EPBack in June, the California-based photographer and Dolce Volante alum Carrie Yury displayed 700 free copies of her latest solo outing, the Mutter EP, in light-box towers at LA Design Center, and the exhibition itself seems to serve as an interesting bit of context to the incredibly engaging six-song disc. The installation's … [Read more...]

The Real Tuesday Weld – The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid

The Real Tuesday WeldThe Return of the Clerkenwell KidThe Real Tuesday Weld is London-based singer/songwriter Stephen Coates. As the Real Tuesday Weld, Coates crafts lounge pop that blends the bubbly electronics of Stereolab with the pop classicism of Burt Bacharach and Nick Lowe. Coates tops off the mix with sprinkles of bossa nova and cabaret and … [Read more...]

History Invades – The Structure of a Precise Fashion

History InvadesThe Structure of a Precise FashionBehind the clever song titles and flashy artwork of History Invades' debut label release lies a turbulent blend of guitar-based emo-core, manipulated samples, and hard rhythms. On the rare occasions when the band tones it down a bit, the angular guitar cadences and syncopated beats approximate those … [Read more...]

Halfway – Farewell to the Fainthearted

HalfwayFarewell to the FaintheartedOften times, the most authentic accounts of this great and tattered land in which we live come from an outsider perspective. The Rolling Stones have spent over 40 years and counting mining the depths of American roots music to brilliant results. Franz Kafka humorously and evocatively chronicled the myth and magic … [Read more...]

Royksopp – The Understanding

RoyksoppThe UnderstandingThere are some albums that one becomes grateful for, regardless of true feelings about them. Consider the lesser of two evils. Perhaps you travel to the next Iron & Wine show only to be struck in the back of the head by an original pressing of Pink Moon, whose edges had been filed to razor sharpness. The bitterness and … [Read more...]

Blue Monday (alt.) – Rewritten

Blue Monday (alt.)RewrittenThere are three types of hardcore bands. The first type is made of the kids who are just jumping on a trend, content to just regurgitate the same shit, record after record. The second type is equally lacking in creativity, but these bands are good at what they do, and if you are lucky, they will bring a little passion to … [Read more...]