The Deadly – The Wolves are Here Again

The Deadly
The Wolves are Here Again

Most notably containing ex-members of Turmoil, Philly based The Deadly has recently dropped its hardcore debut. The Wolves are Here Again exhibits good musicianship, but this fact is tarnished by repetition and poor vocals – two common issues with hardcore these days, and they really prevent me from fully enjoying this.

It’s not rocket science to figure out why this becomes repetitive. Generic riffs fly by too fast to have any recollection of what just happened. One saving grace of the music is that it’s fairly melodic, so it’s not complete torture to digest. A few guitar lines demand your attention, like you’re listening to a These Arms are Snakes song. These are probably the best moments on The Wolves are Here Again, like in “Minor Acts of Misbehaving” and “We are the Technology.”

The aforementioned quips don’t singlehandedly taint the album, because the vocals are worse. Rich Lippold handles the screaming duties, which sound the same in every song. His dried-out, raspy screaming is like Give Up the Ghost minus the personality. At some points, there’s some higher-pitched singing snuck in, and it’s better than the abrasive screaming. Just listen to the last outbursts from Lippold in “Ringfingers” to witness why he should not possess the mic.

If you’re a fan of Turmoil, that could possibly be the only reason to track this down. For others like myself who are unfamiliar with that band, just skip this one altogether.