Pretendo – S/T

Wasn’t there a time when college-rock radio and university-sponsored concert series championed real college-rock bands like Cracker and Superchunk? Remember when indulging in a little too much “local greenery” cracked that window in your soul allowing an indie-rock band to occupy a small piece of it?

Pretendo, a trio consisting of former members of The Rugburns, The DaoSon, Skeleton Key, and Enon, wants you to take a short trip down memory lane to a time before Hollister’s blaring satellite radio and MTV-sponsored “Campus Invasions” made “college rock” a bad word.

These guys play straight-forward, catchy, mid-tempo indie rock for those of us who still have a pair of horn-rimmed glasses tucked away somewhere, for those of us who can’t bring ourselves to toss those cardigan sweaters, for those of us who own most of our Unrest and Mission of Burma back catalogues on cassette tape.