Please Mr. Gravedigger – Throw a Beat EP

Please Mr. Gravedigger
Throw a Beat EP

From SoCal comes an interesting EP of scatterbrained punk-rock that occasionally flirts with hardcore. Please Mr. Gravedigger includes ex-members of As I Lay Dying, but this band is about as metal as Jethro Tull. In equation form, the band’s recent EP Throw a Beat is like The Blood Brothers’ brashness meeting The AKA’s upbeat sensibility.

This band greets you with explosive energy in the form of “You Gotta Tame the Beast Before You Let it Out of its Cage,” which unlike the title is short and sweet. On “Seventeen Year Old Piece of Gold,” female guest vocals add to the already claustrophobic vocal section (four of the six members contribute). Ironically, this makes the band sound even more like The Blood Brothers, who feature two helium-pitched gentlemen. Keyboard and rhythm guitar combine throughout to channel those hot “retro” rock bands. The keyboard parts just wail away in the background, so it’d be nice to have them more audible.

What makes this EP successful surely has something to do with the band’s concise songs. When I witnessed similar sounding The AKAs live, all their songs were repetitive. Please Mr. Gravedigger promises not to bore, adding leads to spice up the more traditional rhythm guitar (“Wales”). Those funky guitar parts meander all over the place, gripping your attention in These Arms are Snakes fashion.

Yes, short and sweet can also faithfully describe the whole damn thing. It’s a speedy dose of punk-rock that will keep you listening until the end.