Hats – 5th


HATS tends to put its name in all caps which, despite the lack of periods after every letter, leads me to believe there’s an acronym situation going on here. Maybe HATS stands for Hip-hop Aware Two-man Syndicate? Or Harmonic Assortment (of) Trippy Sounds? Or maybe it’s Heady Amazing Thrilling Sexy…? Yeah, maybe not.

“5th” is an eight-minute trip through the world of HATS, a head-clearing midnight stroll experienced in black and white. Your stroll will take you through everything from forsaken alleyways with day-old newspapers as tumbleweeds to forest paths devoid of any fellow strollers to frosty peaks above the line where the trees no longer grow. Your guides and sole companions are the hopeful, delicate sounds of “5th”, whether they manifest themselves as crystal-clear guitars, resonating keyboard chords, or somber pianos. It’s a pretty sad walk, but it’s a necessary one that you’ll be glad you took because you’ll have had a chance to think things out, to make some space up there in that tangled knot-thing you call a mind.

Disregarding my shallow stab at making a humorous intro, I think that the last acronym comes the closest to describing the kind of wonderfully minimalist rock the members of HATS create. Heady? Yeah, it’s heady and intoxicating and all that good stuff. Amazing? Absolutely. Thrilling? Sure. Sexy? Like an old noir flick scored by a Constellation post-rock collective. Make tonight a meditative one and put on some HATS.