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Whitman – Anhedonia Falling EP

WhitmanAnhedonia Falling EPThe best that can be said of Anhedonia Falling, the debut EP from Austin, Texas-based Whitman, is that it is perfectly titled. In this emo-core/punk-rock group’s transparent attempt to feign anguish and wisdom, it has inadvertently delivered a delicious slice of irony. Defined as “the inability to feel pleasure,” … [Read more...]

Count Zero – Little Minds

Count ZeroLittle MindsWe in the greater Boston area tend to scrutinize our music scene and local bands a little closer than most, much like we do our sports teams. But not only does Count Zero pass the sniff test, the band delights the senses with some imaginative, intelligent, and catchy music. Yes, those RIYLs are correct! Little Minds, Count … [Read more...]

The Catch – Get Cool

The CatchGet CoolSo it's come to this: me, alone, watching Less than Zero, and wondering why I can't get into the Catch? Why? All the elements of an awesome band are here; after all, the Catch is an all-girl band, and everybody knows girl bands, especially girl-rock bands (as opposed to girl vocal groups, a la Destiny's Child) rule. The Catch is … [Read more...]

Cadacross – So Pale is the Light

CadacrossSo Pale is the LightLet’s travel back in discography time machine for a moment. So Pale is the Light is Finnish band Cadacross’ debut album from 2001, and back then the group consisted of five members. In the four years since, the lineup has completely changed save founding member Georg Laakso, and Cadacross released a second full-length … [Read more...]

Michael Columbia – These are Colored Bars

Michael ColumbiaThese are Colored BarsThere are probably a lot of dudes out there who are toiling away in their high school marching bands and orchestras, and they could use Michael Columbia (actually two dudes and a chick rather than a solo artist) as inspiration for turning the mastery of goofy instruments into instant indie street cred. … [Read more...]

Tall Grass Captains of Greater Chicago – She Moved Through

Tall Grass Captains of Greater ChicagoShe Moved ThroughTall Grass Captains of Greater Chicago is a tongue twister of a name, especially for a band. In fact, you would think a band with such a long name would be made up by a collective of artists. Wrong. TGCOGC is Jim Matteson, a troubadour of sorts. And on She Moved Through, this troubadour … [Read more...]

Orthrelm – OV

OrthrelmOVThere’s a brief passage in the John Fahey story “The Center of Interest Will Not Hold” that always comes to mind when I think of the best way to describe the inviting and, in its finest moments, intoxicating methods of minimalist composition. It’s a description of Fahey seeing Hank Williams perform on a Potomac River excursion boat back … [Read more...]

Andi Camp – Magnetic

Andi CampMagneticThis is the third Andi Camp album I've had the pleasure to write about, and it's the artist's fifth since leaving piano-pop band Ribbon Fix, and still I can find nothing more online other than other people's reviews and the stores that sell the albums. It's odd these days to find an artist with little or no web presence, beyond an … [Read more...]

The Young Tradition – Northern Drive

The Young TraditionNorthern DriveI'm sure it seemed like a good idea for Swedish multi-instrumentalist Erik Hanspers and Japanese-American singer Brent Kenji (ex-The Fairways) to incorporate the rich melodies of 60s pop with the precious orchestrations of contemporary twee and form a new, sophisticated pop mix. But Northern Drive, the duo's debut … [Read more...]

The Deadly – The Wolves are Here Again

The DeadlyThe Wolves are Here AgainMost notably containing ex-members of Turmoil, Philly based The Deadly has recently dropped its hardcore debut. The Wolves are Here Again exhibits good musicianship, but this fact is tarnished by repetition and poor vocals - two common issues with hardcore these days, and they really prevent me from fully … [Read more...]