Rifu – Dead End Street

Dead End Street

Any band that claims to be “as powerful as Propagandhi” had better live up to it. Sure, Rifu is a very politically minded band that writes some decent melody-infused punk, but come on. You can’t just come out of the woodwork and make these sort of claims unless there is some ground to base it off of. So needless to say, Rifu lost a lot of points right off the bat. It isn’t that these guys are terrible, they just tried to reach a little too far.

Rifu’s music is a mix of many styles, including more straight-forward punk and hardcore with a taste of rock and roll and metalcore among other thinigs. Vocally, the musicians match shouts, gruff singing, and straight yelling. Not too bad really, but nothing to write home about. The recording doesn’t really do much for me either. It sounds more like a demo recording than something a label would put out. The vocals sound pretty good in the mix, but everything else sounds pretty dry and lifeless. Even the bass sounds decent, but the muddy guitars bury them and take away a lot of their power.

Rifu is a very average band, which is sometimes worse than being a shitty band because you can sense talent, but they come off as half-assing whatever they are doing. Couple that with an outrageous claim that puts them on the same level, the same planet as Propagandhi…well, it’s disasterous.

All things considered, Dead End Street really isn’t a bad listen. There are hints at some really nice things going on here and there, but the recording sucks, and the writing is still too inconsistent. Rifu needs to tighten things up a bit, work on the songwriting, and get a better production job before these guys can do anything “as powerful as Propagandhi.”