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Parlour – Hives Fives EP

ParlourHives Fives EPLet the record show: I am indeed a fan of the often jazzy, possibly extended, mostly engaging, sometimes noisy, and always arty instrumentals otherwise known as “post-rock.” Not that rock is over or anything, but just in case you ever had a doubt of what comes after rock, the boys in Tortoise or Tristeza (just to name some … [Read more...]

Darren Hanlon – Little Chills

Darren HanlonLittle ChillsAustralia’s Darren Hanlon is a clever singer/songwriter whose charms are destined to get lost in a world that values flash over substance. Even worse for Darren, the world in question also happens to contain a surfeit of clever singer/songwriters already, each strumming their own tales of awkward love and alienation for … [Read more...]

The Ebb and Flow – Time to Echolocate

The Ebb and FlowTime to EcholocateIt’s hard to say what’s more damning: The fact that San Francisco trio The Ebb and Flow seems to take this whole bat thing pretty seriously (the first song, “Sonorous,” is a two-part, nine-minute epic), or the fact that Sub Pop folkers Fruit Bats pretty much beat them to it a few years ago. Yeah yeah, I get it – … [Read more...]

Soledad Brothers – Voice of Treason

Soledad BrothersVoice of TreasonIt seems every blues band these days has some sort of interesting story in its past, and the Soledad Brothers are no exception. The Ohio-based trio has an often talked-about link to Jack White of the White Stripes. The part you hear most often is that Jack helped the Soledad Brothers get their first recording … [Read more...]

Ballboy – Light Saber

BallboyLight SaberLet me just start off by saying that I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I saw Revenge of the Sith the day it came out, and I have a couple more devoted friends who had camped out a week ahead and saw the midnight show. So, obviously, I was automatically turned on when I saw the name "Light Saber." For the past few weeks, I've surrounded … [Read more...]

Shining – Perdurabo

ShiningPerduraboAnger. Fear. Light-headedness. These are just a fraction of the menagerie of emotions and feelings experienced while listening to "Perdurabo" (or anything from Shining, for that matter). Everything about this nightmare-inspiring, mind-blowing song is amazing. You'll be a Shining fan from the moment you hear those amazing "wailing" … [Read more...]

Lovejoy – Everybody Hates

LovejoyEverybody HatesEverybody should like Everybody Hates. It’s hard not to like a well-produced album consisting of light and airy synth-based melodies and over-polished bass lines with breezy indie-guitar strums. But if you listen a little closer and dig a little deeper, you will discover that it’s not always sunny in the Lovejoy world, as the … [Read more...]

The Mountain Goats – The Sunset Tree

The Mountain GoatsThe Sunset TreeTo many people (your humble reviewer included), the Mountain Goats aren't merely a band - they are an obsession to the point of being nearly fetishistic. We spend an inordinate amount of time hunting down old cassette-only releases and trading live bootlegs, tracking John Darnielle's decade-long music career with a … [Read more...]

Doris Henson – Give Me All Your Money

Doris HensonGive Me All Your MoneyApologies for quoting the movie most over-cited by white males ages 21 - 40, Fight Club, but sometimes modern music can seem like "a copy of a copy of a copy." Innovation hasn't been in style in a long, long time, and perhaps that not entirely bad, because the finest moments on Doris Henson's sophomore release Give … [Read more...]

Kill Crush Destroy – The Weaker We Get…

Kill Crush DestroyThe Weaker We Get...On The Weaker We Get... Kill Crush Destroy literally does everything implied by its name. This band brings all of the intensity of Damaged-era Black Flag. Now I know you've probably heard that one before, and you know what, so have I. I love early Black Flag stuff so much it isn't funny. I could argue the … [Read more...]