Lakota – Acquaintances EP

Acquaintances EP

Acquaintances, the title of Lakota’s debut EP, probably is meant to be taken literally. The band’s debut material is the product of many common influences. Time-tested alternative riffs and passionate vocals make for a solid listen, even if the genre’s glory days are long gone. In fact, both the guitars and vocals owe much to bands like Samiam and Foo Fighters, two very established influences.

“Shouldn’t Have To” is the overall highlight that comes off less “radio rock” than the rest. Lakota sounds most original on that track, like a band coming into its own. Hopefully the band’s upcoming full-length Hope for the Haunted will follow suit. The melancholic guitar overtones in the beginning evoke Texas is the Reason, maybe a minor influence on Lakota. An anthemic chorus in this song (and others) is where the Lakota even sounds like the Foo Fighters.

Lakota ought to pursue a less traditional, more innovative approach to rock . If these guys can improve on future releases, it’s by becoming unfamiliar with the overly familiar influences.