In Your Absence – Confession

In Your Absence

A few months back, I got a promotional copy of a band called The Golden Republic. I was taken back because the band was from my home town of Kansas City, signed to Astralwerks, and somehow I had never heard of it. In Your Absence, too, hails from Kansas City, and once again I had no clue these guys even exsisted. The Golden Republic was certainly a pleastent surprise; however, I’m really wishing this band had stayed under my radar.

I’m going to be as gentle as I can with this one because they sent me a nice letter and they seem like really nice people. The band plays somewhat subdued, moody rock that sounds like a cross between Alanis Morisette and Portishead. Take that compairison and subtract all musical talent, then add terrible lyrics and remarkably flat vocals. Musically, these guys have a few redeeming qualities. They flirt with some decent guitar textures and nice atmospheric passages, but all merit is wiped away by a terribly dry and flat production job and, of course, Jovid’s laughable singing.

I’m really sorry to rip on this album like this, but I can’t be biased because of a band’s proximity or cordial letters. Sorry guys, but think of this as a list of things to work on. There are a few promising moments here and there, just expand on those and you should be ok.