De Novo Dahl – Cats & Kittens

De Novo Dahl
Cats & Kittens

This Nashville-based sextet is both a tad ambitious and a tad presumptuous. For thisr debut full-length effort, the band delivers a double-disc affair, with the second disc (“Kittens”) containing remixes of every track on the first (“Cats”) disc.

Seeing as this is the band’s debut full-length, I wasn’t sure I’d like the source material let alone the remixes. I’m happy to report that De Novo Dahl delivers two pleasantly creative discs that are sure to delight the first-time listener – that is if the first time listener is a fan of The Cars, Pavement, Simian, Supergrass, Pulp, and a number of other very successful pop bands. Two-hours of musical magic – 16 original tracks, and an accompanying remix for each of those 16 tracks (which carry entirely different titles) – offers a hell of a lot of bang for your buck.

On a side note, I’ve been keeping an hear turned toward Theory 8’s Nashville-based team for some time now and am convinced that Dayton, Ohio and Nashville, Tenn. are unofficial sister cities. At least they sound like they are. Both cities are pioneering original pop sounds that, with any luck, will establish them as powerhouse scenes in a new pop revolution.