Archives for June 2005

Tony Macaluso – Procrustean Procrastinator

Tony MacalusoProcrustean ProcrastinatorFilled with serviceable folk melodies and cut through with the type of good-time humor one usually only finds among longtime friends, Tony Macaluso’s Procrustean Procrastinator is about as pleasant as folk music gets these days. Borrowing the languid pace of country and applying it to his jaunty, often … [Read more...]

Lali Puna – I Thought I Was Over That: Rare, Remixed and B-Sides

Lali PunaI Thought I Was Over That: Rare, Remixed and B-SidesReleasing a B-sides or remix record is usually the province of a stalled mid-career band looking add a few dollars to the price of a self-congratulatory greatest-hits collection. Electro pixie-princess Valerie Trebeljahr, herself a German radio producer and frontwoman of Lali Puna, must … [Read more...]

Rock Plaza Central – The World Was Hell to Us

Rock Plaza CentralThe World Was Hell to UsIt's stunning the wide array of moods that can be captured in the deceptively simple style of primitive folk music. Iron & Wine's take on it is haunting, even chilling; Gillian Welch's soars with dynamic vocal harmonies and intricate melody. Toronto's Rock Plaza Central is another animal entirely, though … [Read more...]

Sleater-Kinney – The Woods

Sleater-KinneyThe WoodsIf, and this is a big if, Sleater-Kinney was to never release another album, the artists' place as rock legends would be firmly cemented with The Woods as the capstone. For a punk-rock/riot-grrl trio from the Pacific Northwest, the album is ambitious as it is daring, and it's the most refreshing piece of new music released … [Read more...]

Felipe and Forte – Shaggy Black

Felipe and ForteShaggy BlackIt has been said that given an infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of typewriters for an infinite amount of time, that they would eventually type the entire works of Shakespeare. The corollary to this is given an infinite number of musicians playing an infinite number of instruments for an infinite … [Read more...]

A Northern Chorus – Bitter Hands Resign

A Northern ChorusBitter Hands ResignThere are quite a few of those types of bands that remind you of a slow burn back through the atmosphere that it gets hard keeping up who is who. Many of the more popular bands seem to have the formula down just right. Although the formula works and sounds pretty, it becomes a bit redundant and a bore to listen … [Read more...]

The Konks – S/T

The KonksS/TI receive a ton of stuff from Bomp! Records, which is cool because it is good to be familar with a label. You know what the label generaly does, you have a good idea of its consistancy, and you can gage the overall quality level of an album more acurately. However, writing review after review of stuff that I am not into is becoming … [Read more...]

PAK – Motel

PAKMotelIf there’s a more dead-on 21st century successor to the mantle of D. Boon than the frenetic Brooklyn-based trio PAK, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. On an eight-song platter that sometimes feels more like a late-night studio session freak-out fueled by LSD and cigarette smoke than a calculated recording of free-form … [Read more...]

Scylla and Charybdis – A Product: They Avoid Transactions EP

Scylla and CharybdisA Product: They Avoid Transactions EPIn response to all of the bands tweaking 80s pop culture references into song/album titles and band names, I introduce Scylla and Charybdis, a band name garnered from Greek mythology (and no, there won’t be any further explanation given here – get on a computer and Google it, lemmings). The … [Read more...]

The Sames – You are the Sames

The SamesYou are the SamesWith an opening cut that begins like Autolux and segues into a sound that mixes Polvo and Superchunk, the new album You are the Sames welcomes you into its world of indie-rock splendor. It’s familiar but still fresh, invigorated but not overcome by its influences. The Sames come to us from Durham, NC, so it’s not … [Read more...]