The Lucksmiths – San Francisco EP

The Lucksmiths
San Francisco EP

Perhaps Belle & Sebastian have become the poster children for indie pop, but in my book, there isn’t a band that does it better than Australia’s Lucksmiths. Light and airy, jangly, playful one moment and serious the next, the Lucksmiths may have never written a bad song. And for those who can’t get enough of summery pop, the band is prolific enough to keep these types of teaser EPs in between always sparkling full-length albums.

The first track, “The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco,” is from the band’s new full-length, Warmer Corners, and it’s a wonderful pop song. Gloriously light with a sweet mid-tempo pace, the combination of light guitar, tambourine, organ, and even hints of strings make the song vintage Lucksmiths. And for a band from another continent, lyrics such as, “Are you warm enough? I remember how the fog comes off the water / And the days are ever shorter / And I worry you are cold,” nicely sum up living in San Francisco.

The other three tracks are exclusive to this EP. “Young and Dumb” is sweet and more serious, a head-bobbing track with a wonderful chorus you’ll be singing along after just one listen. By contrast, “The Winter Proper” is a proper winter song, slower and more melancholy, with gorgeous vocals, acoustic guitar, and piano. And the closer, a delightful cover of the Bee Gees’ “I Started a Joke,” features subtle banjo and harmonica accompaniments, giving the song a delightful warm and comforting feel.

Tali White has the perfect voice: rich, confident, and able whether singing playfully or full of melancholy. And the band backs up those vocals with the perfect mix of light and airy, always summery pop. It’s beautiful and fun, and this release shows that the band has not changed its sound but always gets better. This is the indie-pop band all others should be compared to.