Screamfeeder – Take You Apart

Take You Apart

Screamfeeder hails from the land down under, and these guys have the accents to prove it. Although the moniker suggests hair metal, in contrast it’s spirited pop-rock. Sadly, none of Take You Apart‘s upbeat rockers beg for attention, and although this isn’t awful, it is forgettable.

“Now I Don’t Feel So Bad” starts the effort with laid-back, adult-esque rock. While the chorus can get stuck in your head, the simple song works best as background music. Now I don’t feel so bad, but I feel fairly bored. I only desired hearing Take You Apart in bits and pieces, because there’s really no motivation for a full listen.

Bass player Kellie Lloyd handles lead vocals in “The Space That’s Left.” This letdown of a song combines weak indie rock and the added negative of female singing. It’s the same type of thing that I personally faulted Del Cielo for: the style just doesn’t appeal to me. The garage-rock influence on the album is another repulsion to me. Take You Apart‘s recording quality is often purposely lo-fi, and the “vintage” result can be bothersome. On “And Tigers They Roam,” the bass sounds way too overdriven with retro fuzz. In “Needles,” there’s a monotone effect on the vocals that also reeks worse of classic rock.

I must confess, the Aussie accent of lead guitar/vocalist Tim Steward is one upside. His voice emits a swagger and tone reminiscent of a gentler Liam Gallagher. It’s a minor touch that spruces up the songs with attitude that would otherwise be absent. However, overall this release suffers as yet another example of yawn-inducing generic rock.