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Gratitude – S/T

GratitudeS/TI don't say this very often, so relish this next statement: Believe the hype. Gratitude is amazing. Gratitude's history is almost humourous to read. The members of this band have been in so many projects before this that to call them veterans would be understating it. I count at least nine separate projects. And the best part about … [Read more...]

Over It – Silverstrand

Over ItSilverstrandI have Over It's last release, and I liked it because the members of Over It were positively furious when they wrote the album. Timing is Everything is an album chock full of angry punk riffs, angry punk drumming, angry punk vocals, and angry punk lyrics. Over It's new release Silverstrand has very little of any of those … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Little Darla Has a Treat for You, Vol. 22

Various ArtistsLittle Darla Has a Treat for You, Vol. 22Ah, here we are again: another compilation. Luckily, it's from Darla, and that always means at least one song herein will be life-affirming and/or changing. Without dissecting the album song by song (read: artist by artist), if you are a fan of the Cansecos, Pale Horse and Rider, or … [Read more...]

Mixel Pixel – Contact Kid

Mixel PixelContact Kid“They keep me up all night with eighties music! Cocaine! Model Parties!” Mixel Pixel joyously exclaims on “Tell Tale Drum Machine” with such giddy exuberance that if it weren’t for the overt drug references, the band would sound like 3-year-olds at a Sponge Bob-themed birthday party. And it is this carefree abandon that … [Read more...]

The Soundtrack of Our Lives – Origin Vol. 1

The Soundtrack of Our LivesOrigin Vol. 1Sloan did it once on the Navy Blues album, totally submerging in music that influenced the band over the course of the years. The hooks, riffs, and melodies were borrowed and transformed into a Sloan sound. Whether or not it paid off depends on who you talk to. The Soundtrack of Our Lives (TSOOL) do … [Read more...]

Neva Dinova – The Hate Yourself Change

Neva DinovaThe Hate Yourself ChangeNeva Dinova has been lurking just below most people’s radar since Crank! Records issued the band's self-titled debut in 2002, and now it’s time to take notice. Despite releasing a split CD with Bright Eyes and touring in support of The Good Life, the band has always seemed like a side note to Omaha’s storied indie … [Read more...]

Converge – Petitioning the Empty Sky / When Forever Comes Crashing

ConvergePetitioning the Empty Sky / When Forever Comes CrashingConverge has been around for nearly 15 years. It feels strange saying that out loud for some reason. In these 15 years, the band has amassed a huge catalog of EPs, splits, full-lengths, demos, compilations, etc. These re-issues, courtesy of Equal Vision, make these neo-classics readily … [Read more...]

South San Gabriel – The Carlton Chronicles: Not Until the Operation’s Through

South San GabrielThe Carlton Chronicles: Not Until the Operation’s ThroughGive South San Gabriel’s new album more than just a few listens, I implore you. Yes, on first listens, you’ll no doubt enjoy the subtle and folk-influenced style of Will Johnson’s (Centro-Matic) music. Johnson and company (which includes all the members of Centro-Matic plus … [Read more...]

Invincible Overlord – My Light is as Bright as the Sun

Invincible OverlordMy Light is as Bright as the SunTrendy genre terms need not apply for Invincible Overlord. Tom Dumont and Ted Matson take a sampler’s approach to making music, but instead of actually sampling, they use instruments that have been around for years as components in grandiose anthems. There’s a real sense of appreciation for older … [Read more...]

Hacha – Belly Up

HachaBelly UpDon’t call Hacha a jam band. I don’t think these guys would appreciate that very much, and for good reason, as “jam band” is more of an accusation than an innocent observation or compliment. Sure, they’re a little jammy – there’s a hint of… dare I say it and risk my position here at DOA as well as the respect of fellow indie music … [Read more...]