Louise Cyphre – Split CD

Louise Cyphre
Split CD

Electric Human Project brings us the rock with this split CD that teams up Italy’s La Quiete and Germany’s Louise Cyphre. Both of these bands play top-notch chaotic hardcore in the vein of the late-90s scene that brought us Orchid, Jerome’s Dream, Usurp Synapse, and Reversal of Man just to name a few. This record goes a long way toward promoting the idea that European hardcore bands can be every bit as good and even better than some American hardcore bands. I listened to some mp3s of this release before it came out and was instantly taken back by how awesome those songs were.

La Quiete kicks off the record with an amazingly fast song titled “Fai Finta Di Non Girarti” (You Pretend to Not Turn Around) that is reminscent of Orchid. The screams are high pitched, and it has some killer blast beats that just knocked my socks off. The band’s guitar sound is jangly but harsh while maintaining a razor sharp sense of melody that is sorely lacking in most chaotic hardcore bands today. The second La Quiete song here actually boasts a piano part which I found to be pretty impressive. I love the title of the fourth song, “Al Citofono Era Anthony Hopkins” (It Was Anthony Hopkins at the Buzzer). The La Quiete lyrics and song titles are in Italian, so the band was incredibly awesome for also including English translations of them. Most of the lyrics are seemingly pretty personal and slightly obtuse at the same time.

The Louise Cyphre part of the split begins with a soundclip before freaking out Usurp Synapse style. The band plays spastic, choppy riffs mixed with ultra-technical guitar lines that wander briefly before breaking into all out ferocity. As with the La Quiete half of the split, Louise Cyphre’s songs are in the band’s native German tongue, but instead of translations the band gives us explanations of the songs in English. Louise Cyphre also gives us another hilarious song title with “For Those About to Destroy Pigs.” Another soundclip comes in during this half of the split that sounds like it might be the same dude ranting on about the government on those early Godspeed You! Black Emperor records.

So far, 2005 is shaping up to be an excellent year for this type of music. We’ve already seen outstanding releases from Funeral Diner and Bucket Full of Teeth, and I am pissing my pants in anticipation for The Gospel’s full length. La Quiete and Louise Cyphre can give all of those bands a run for their money with this split CD. If I had to make a list of my favorite records of the year at this point, this would definitely be on it. If you are into chaotic hardcore, just buy this and thank me later. It’s pretty goddamn sweet.