Capillary Action – Fragments

Capillary Action

Any frequent reader of this site knows I value ingenuity and creativity above anything else. Recent reviews of The Mass and Ghenghis Tron go to show for that. Capillary Action is yet another band out there to show that music truly has no limits.

The only consistent thing about Fragments, is that each track is instrumental. Multi-instrumentalist and primary songwriter Jonathan Pfeffer manages to seemingly span the entire spectrum of music while keeping his feet firmly rooted in avant-garde, yet remarkably solid songwriting. Everything is on this CD: fusion, lounge jazz, psychadelic guitars, synths, math rock, piano, dissonant textures, metal riffs, indie rock, classic rock, acoustics, pop, smooth jazz, prog rock… you name it.

Now, this probably sounds like a jumbled-up cluster fuck of bizarre music, and, essentially, it is. That is half the story though. Jonathan Pfeffer is past his years in songwriting capability, because despite the stylistic clashes, the album has an undeniably smooth flow. If you appreciate great musicianship, and even better songwriting, as well as a penchant for the avent-garde, get this CD immediately. If you are a close-minded fan, you probably stopped reading this a while ago.