Birdmonster – Resurrection Song

Resurrection Song

The name may have been voted the #1 worst band name on Bad Band Names: San Francisco, but let’s be cliché and say “Oh, what’s in a name?” I’ve heard worse band names before, and who the hell cares anyway? David Klein, Justin Tenuto, Zach Winter, and Peter Arcuni (all cool names, by the way) make up the fountain of energy and flair that is Birdmonster. They carry around the blessing of an absolutely legendary live show as if it weighed nothing, and maybe to them, it doesn’t – they know how good they are and it’s just what they do.

“Resurrection Song” opens the band’s self-titled EP with a snarl and a drive that most bands can’t muster up within an entire full-length release. Comparisons to Modest Mouse are drawn much too often to make perfect sense – while the associations may carry some weight, when did Modest Mouse ever rock this hard? I could hear the Trail of Dead doing this song, I could hear Bloc Party doing this song, maybe even Les Savy Fav, but none of them would do it like Birdmonster does. The fiery guitars, anything-but-standard drumming, and passionate vocals of lead singer Peter Arcuni pull your fingers to the volume knob and then make them twist clockwise.

I’ve been waiting patiently for these guys to get an MP3 up just so I can spread the word. They are, to put it simply, an incredible group of musicians that should have no problem getting the attention they deserve. It wasn’t even an option not to write a review for them. Indie music of this caliber doesn’t come around too often, and there was no hesitation on my part to get the word out. And, remember kids, if they’re doing a show even remotely close to your hometown (“remotely” meaning a half-day’s driving distance or less), pack up the car with a few weeks worth of resources and head out to the venue, because you may end up following them around for the rest of the tour.