Audra Kubat – Since I Fell in Love with the Music

Audra Kubat
Since I Fell in Love with the Music

Audra Kubat has a voice to be reckoned with. The recent New York City émigré via Detroit possesses a set of pipes that is an instrument in its own right, and Audra knows how to use it. Couple that with good songwriting, great arrangements, and downright pretty melodies and you’ve got Since I Fell in Love with the Music, Kubat’s most recent release.

While much of Audra’s music is a blend of folk and pop, there is a lot more going on here then just a girl with a guitar. She does play guitar, but also adds in flute, piano, violin, and percussion. Kubat is also joined by Eric Hoegenmeyer (Fender Rhodes, organ, piano, bass, and percussion), Dan Kahn (accordion), and Charles Hughes (organ, string arrangements), and their sound is what gives Audra’s songs their many soft layers. Despite the variety of instruments, the songs on Since I Fell in Love with the Music are not weighed down in any way and most tracks have an airy quality created from the thoughtful arrangements.

The album opens with the subtle “All or Nothing,” and this is definitely the type of song that might take a few listens to grow on you. In fact, many of Audra’s songs are quite delicate and their full impact isn’t always immediately felt. However, some tracks like “Garden” and “For Me” are instantly stunning and feel like old friends. Only one song, “Rise Up,” was actually recorded in New York after Audra left Michigan. The lyrics here, such as “you will survive, you’ve come so far,” are fitting of the move and the courage it must take to pick up and move cross country.

Audra Kubat is simply a very talented musician. For fans of mellow modern folk, Since I Fell in Love with the Music should be any easy choice. Audra’s smoky, ethereal vocals are enough on their own to set this apart, but the poetic songwriting is top notch as well. Although a few of the songs herhe may take a few listens to fully appreciate, the overall package will surely please anyone who enjoys the female singer-songwriter genre.