Stop It!! – S/T Demo

Stop It!!
S/T Demo

It is totally unfortunate that there are so many great bands out there that break up before they even get their feet wet. Stop It!! is a perfect example of this. I know so many people, myself included, that flipped out over the band’s 2003 release Self Made Maps. It was this amazing fusion of aggressive stop-and-start riffing mixed with noodly guitar lines and stellar bass parts as well. The drumming was great, and the vocals had a nice shouted and screamed intensity to them that made the record just spectacular. Next thing I know, the band is breaking up. What the hell were you guys thinking, depriving all of us fans of another full-length? Just like City of Caterpillar (who coincidentally shared Adam Juresko as their first bassist), Stop It!! decided to call it quits before it could create another masterpiece. So anyway, for all of us out here that need something else, now we get Stop It!!’s demo CD released post-breakup.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that the demo CD is as good as Self Made Maps, but it is still absolutely fucking great. You can easily see how all of the elements that made the full-length so great are already present. The production quality is perhaps one of the only negative things that I think could be improved, but this is a demo. This is more of a blueprint for what was to come. All five songs present here are top notch, spanning about 20 minutes of music for a nominal price.

Stop It!!’s demo may not be the best representation of this killer band, but for anyone already familiar with the project, it is a nice little addition to your record collection. I would highly recommend picking this up if you already own Self Made Maps, as it does not disappoint. If you don’t have that record, then by all means what are you waiting for, pick it up immediately and then get this too.