Rentokill – Back to Convenience

Back to Convenience

When I think of Austria, I think about… well, not punk rock, but Rentokill is out to change the way the world thinks about Austria. Back to Convenience is full of punk rock in the same vein as bands like Rancid and No Use For a Name.

The songs are energetic and up-tempo, but they’re also played tightly. Some of the faster riffs have a bit of an 80s-style thrash aesthetic, but they are firmly rooted in punk. Of course, the majority of the guitar work is full of power chords and simple chord progressions, but they bring enough enthusiasm and melody to make things fun. The vocal delivery is mostly shouted, raspy singing but in a melodic context. Lyrically speaking, the album is of a socio-political nature, which is to be expected, but nothing too original pops up.

The band does a decent cover of Rancid’s “Olympia WA,” but it isn’t nearly as good as the original. “Sounds of a Pitiful End” has a lot of energy and a rock and roll feel. Other stand-outs include “Signs of Zodiak” and “Ten Roses.”

The recording is adequate if not a little gritty, but it sounds nice with the music. THe guitars are reasonably crisp, but I think a few things could be cleaned up. The bass could stand to be turned up a bit in the mix as well.

Rentokill doesn’t bring a whole lot of originality or creativity to the table, but the band has enrgy and a fun sound. And hey, this is the best Austrian punk band I’ve heard!