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Our Own Somewhere – Wherever You Go

Our Own SomewhereWherever You GoOur Own Somewhere consists solely of Chris Boehk, an Austin resident who can’t keep from making music. In addition to releasing music under the Our Own Somewhere name, Mr. Boehk plays in proper bands such as Search for Saturnalia (drums), We Talked About Murder (bass), and Beta Valentine (drums again). Wherever You … [Read more...]

Wrecking Crew – 1987-1991

Wrecking Crew1987-1991For those of you that are regular readers, you know when I receive a hardcore album, I try to be objective and find the good things. But there is nothing left to do in hardcore but rehash old ideas. Why listen to some new band playing what someone else played (better) 15 years ago or more? Case in point: Wrecking … [Read more...]

Apple of Discord – Revenge & Regret EP

Apple of DiscordRevenge & Regret EPIt's good to hear bands that don't suck. It's even better to hear bands that don't suck in a genre you like. It's best when you hear bands that don't suck in a genre you like that's also been pegged as 'dying'. Apple of Discord accomplishes those three points by not sucking at playing new-wave emo/emotional … [Read more...]

Patrick Wolf – Wind in the Wires

Patrick WolfWind in the WiresPatrick Wolf is no wunderkind on par with Mozart, mind you, despite what his press materials say. Wolf may have begun dabbling in composition at age 11 in his South London bedroom with a violin, organ, and four-track tape recorder, but did he compose his first aria at age five? No way, that was Mozart, man! Of course, … [Read more...]

Hood – Outside Closer

HoodOutside CloserHood’s music has always been loaded with imagery. For me, that image has always been of an ancient sundial on a cold day, slowly decaying under a green blanket of mossy lichens, touched gently by those rays of sunlight which manage to penetrate the dense forested ceiling above. The band’s latest album, Outside Closer, fits … [Read more...]


UNIVACS/T EPAdd UNIVAC to the growing list of bands (Kraftwerk, Devo, Clinic) who’ve made no attempt to hide their penchant for technology. Named after the Universal Automatic Computer, an eight-ton piece of (heavy) metal used to predict the 1952 presidential election, this Los Angeles quartet makes 90s-era modern rock with an industrial twist. … [Read more...]

Del Cielo – Us vs. Them

Del CieloUs vs. ThemDel Cielo is a female rock trio on Lovitt Records, a label largely known for its tightly knit band roster. So it's not surprising that the artwork design is credited to Keely Davis of longtime Lovitt act Engine Down. Del Cielo's Us vs. Them has plenty of charged riff rock, with flashy guitar and a solid rhythm section. … [Read more...]

Caribou – The Milk of Human Kindness

CaribouThe Milk of Human KindnessI don’t keep up with the bumper crop of laptop heroes putting out music that I hear about in the music press. I’m now sure that some of it must be fantastic stuff, though, and here’s why: I find it hard to believe that I stumbled upon the only really good release in the genre – Caribou’s The Milk of Human Kindness, … [Read more...]

Shipping News – Flies the Fields

Shipping NewsFlies the FieldsIt’s been four long years since the last Shipping News record proper — the brilliant Very Soon and in Pleasant Company — but from the first notes of Flies the Fields, it’s apparent Louisville’s flagship post-rock group is in no rush to revisit the graves of old, dusty ghosts. The record begins not with the tightly … [Read more...]

Aarktica – Bleeding Light

AarkticaBleeding LightNew York City is a place of frantic movement, filled with masses of people constantly moving. It’s known as the city that never sleeps. It has some of the highest buildings in the world and is one of the densest cities. It’s big, it’s loud, and it relishes those stereotypes. And yet, somehow, Jon DeRosa, the man behind … [Read more...]