Locust Toybox – Hyper Darts Challenge

Locust Toybox
Hyper Darts Challenge

Most of us, who know David Firth at all, know him for his semi-controversial flash animations like “Salad Fingers” and “The Milkman”. David Firth releases the music he makes for his animations under the name of “Locust Toybox”. His music is like a collaboration between good and evil, consisting of happy, upbeat tunes, with a splash dark sounds. It’s kind of like listening to Aphex Twin, blended with Animal Collective, and a sped up version of Godspeed You Black Emperor. And throw in some of those midi songs from your old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

I would suspect some people to find the name “Hyper Darts Challenge” to be misleading. Well, if you really think about it, it’s not. I can’t think of anything better to listening to while trying to steady my hand, and focusing on a very small object. If you can think of a better tune to listen to while in a heated game of darts with your pals, feel free to let me know.

David Firth is a brilliant animator. He makes anyone who watches his cartoons feel jittery, because he makes all these odd looking characters act happy, and you know something weird or scary will happen at any time. You’ll find the same characteristics in his music.