Death Before Dishonor – Friends Family Forever

Death Before Dishonor
Friends Family Forever

I’m not a huge hardcore fan anymore, but Bridge Nine always brings the goods (see my reviews of Stand and Fight, Champion, Wrecking Crew, etc). Death Before Dishonor’s Friends Family Forever is a little different than what I’ve come to expect from Bridge Nine, but not in a bad way at all. Friends Family Forever is seven tracks in about 19 minutes: pure malicious hardcore.

The songs more or less consist of 90s-style hardcore with lots (LOTS!) of mosh and rough, shouting vocals. If you want to get an idea of the sheer malevolence of this band, checkout the footage on the Boston Beatdown, Vol. 2.0 DVD, it’s brutal.

I really like that these guys will occassionally throw in some straight-up metal riffs to keep things interesting. Also, they aren’t just brutal. They write songs in a more complete and energetic fashion than most. No Swedish crap or any modern trendy stuff. The production work is pretty solid, but the guitars are kind of farty here and there. Also, the drums are a little clicky, but the vocals and bass are mixed in just right and the overall sound is pretty good.

This is straight-up, 90s-styled metallic hardcore: simple and brutal. The band is more interested in stomping your face in with thick riffs than busting out a wicked lead. However, it can concoct a pretty decent song. Another gem from Bridge Nine.