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Spanish for 100 – Metric EP

Spanish for 100Metric EPMetric, Spanish For 100's follow-up to its debut full-length, Newborn Driving, is a six-song EP of Northwestern indie rock with a twist. The twist is the dueling guitars of Corey Passons (voice, guitar) and Aaron Starkey (guitars). These are not your typical verse-chorus-verse rock tunes but instead are comprised of layered … [Read more...]

Le Concorde – Universe and Villa

Le ConcordeUniverse and VillaDoctorates in the rock world are an odd and infrequent thing. Sure, there’s the original “Doctor Love,” but let’s be serious. Simmons requires an extra tour bus filled with personnel hired for the sole purpose of fitting his middle-aged ass into the same spandex he probably used on the Dressed to Kill tour. … [Read more...]

Death Before Dishonor – Friends Family Forever

Death Before DishonorFriends Family ForeverI'm not a huge hardcore fan anymore, but Bridge Nine always brings the goods (see my reviews of Stand and Fight, Champion, Wrecking Crew, etc). Death Before Dishonor's Friends Family Forever is a little different than what I've come to expect from Bridge Nine, but not in a bad way at all. Friends Family … [Read more...]

I.C.E. – Apocalyptic End in White

I.C.E.Apocalyptic End in WhiteI.C.E., which stands for Imperial Crystalline Entombment, is the name of a band that shrouds itself in mystery. Each member wears a Michael Myers-style mask and a white robe (which calls to mind the evil offspring of Buckethead and Sunn) and takes a pseudonym - Mammoth, Blisserred, IceSickKill, and Bleak. The group’s … [Read more...]

Honeypower – Deflowered

HoneypowerDefloweredThe ‘band photo’ on the back cover of Deflowered shows six similar-looking folks playing different instruments in what appears to be the ultimate faux-art group shot; it’s ultimately humorous, though, as all six band members are actually Gavin Rhodes in various poses. See, Rhodes is Honeypower – not that anyone would know from … [Read more...]

The Casting Couch – 5 Songs EP

The Casting Couch5 Songs EPI’ve long felt that the EP is an underrated format. Long enough to allow for significant artistic expression, but short enough to help prevent the proliferation of filler, the EP can be especially useful for acts without the talent or sense of quality control to produce a consistently good full-length album. Yet if the EP … [Read more...]

Bucket Full of Teeth – IV

Bucket Full of TeethIVLadies and gentlemen, we have a winner, and its name is Bucket Full of Teeth. Composed of former and current members of Orchid, Ampere, and Wolves, Bucket Full of Teeth comes out ripping flesh and spewing blood everywhere. This is the band that should have logically come after Orchid and not Panthers. Given, I still like the … [Read more...]

AK-Momo – Return to NY

AK-MomoReturn to NYAK-Momo is the name for what happened when singer AK (Anna Karin) von Malmborg crossed paths with multi-instrumentalist Mattias Olsson. Olsson is a part of several bands working out of Stockholm and clearly enjoys exploring eclectic sounds and styles. For her part, Malmborg brings a breathy, girlish voice and some quirky lyrics … [Read more...]

The Hunches – Hobo Sunrise

The HunchesHobo SunriseThere's rock music and then there's raaawk music, the kind filled with so much energy and feeling that even when it sounds like it could fall apart at any moment and does, it only adds to the raw beauty of buzzsaw guitar colliding with a hate-flute. This is what you'll find on Hobo Sunrise, the second full-length from … [Read more...]

Japancakes – Waking Hours

JapancakesWaking HoursThough contemporary country music is an admittedly easy target for just about anybody who isn’t a fan of the genre, having had its rich tradition of storytelling and musicianship eroded by years of artistic bastardization of musicians straining for the pop charts and commercial gain, the only fair conclusion an honest listener … [Read more...]