The Disease – We, the Bankrupt

The Disease
We, the Bankrupt

Post-hardcore is a pretty strange genre to me. On the one hand, it seems like these bands keep popping up in droves and almost always feature former members of successful bands. On the other hand, I don’t really know anyone that is that into the genre. It may just be my group of friends, but as involved in the music scene as I am, you would figure I would know a few kids who are into this stuff. Either way, this stuff is kind of wearing thin on me.

Fax Arcana starts out this Alone Records split with its rhythmic breed of post-hardcore. Groovy drums and bass provide the backbone for the choppy melodic guitars. The band uses somewhat bluesey vocals, which I appreciate because I really hate the sassy, nasaly yelling vocals usually associated with the genre. “Pink Slip for a Silhouette” is my favorite of the four tracks with its bouncing rhythm, noodly guitar, and the jazzy breakdown midway through. In all honesty, this song has more in common with Queens of the Stone Age than it does with most post-hardcore bands.

The Disease also shows up with four songs on this split. Two of these songs are electronic interludes that sound like something Kraftwerk would put out, while the other two feature Unwound-like dirty, noisy guitars that sound really processed. I suppose you could call it electro hardcore, but it has more hipster elements than anything truly hardcore.

Overall I am not really impressed with either of these bands. Both have their moments that you can’t help but nod in agreement to, but both also had very skippable tracks. Again, I kind of like to stay away from this kind of stuff because it sort of rubs me the wrong way, but if you are into this kind of stuff both bands do a decent job at not sounding like their peers, so you might want to check it out. Otherwise, save your money for something else.