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The Bravery – S/T

The BraveryS/TThe Cure has been popping up in a lot of strange places lately. Robert Smith’s schizo wail can be heard in any Killers song, and now his face is plastered morose on every member of The Bravery. In many cases, this could be considered a bad thing, but since The Cure is probably the best thing to happen to the most criticized decade in … [Read more...]

Bellafea – Family Tree EP

BellafeaFamily Tree EPFamily Tree puts me in a standoffish mood. I don't know what it is about this album, but there's something contained in it that keeps my mood very subdued and very angsty in a very low-key way. Perhaps it's the minimalism of it all. Bellafea is a White Stripes-ian drums/guitar rock combo (although the girl sings and plays … [Read more...]

Spike Priggen – Stars After Stars After Stars

Spike PriggenStars After Stars After StarsPerhaps Spike Priggen's biggest coup on his new album of covers, Stars After Stars After Stars, is turning the Ramones' already sublime "Questioningly" into a breezy, mid-tempo country ballad, complete with a rippling pedal steel solo that sounds like it came off an old Gram Parsons record, with some … [Read more...]

The One AM Radio – On the Shore of the Wide World EP

The One AM RadioOn the Shore of the Wide World EPAlmost exactly one year ago, The One AM Radio received significant acclaim for its album, A Name Writ in Water by a fellow writer for this magazine. Let me state that there are no conspiracies at Delusions Of Adequacy; one critic’s favorite album may be an element of torture for another writer. That … [Read more...]

Lagwagon – Live in a Dive

LagwagonLive in a DiveDirect from Fat Wreck Chords’ Live in a Dive series comes a release from a band that everyone had to know was coming, eventually – Lagwagon (a band that’s seemingly been on Fat Wreck since 1765 or something). There’s really not much to say about this particular Live in a Dive release, though. By this point, it’s pretty … [Read more...]

Emperor X – Central Hug/Friendarmy/Fractaldunes

Emperor XCentral Hug/Friendarmy/FractaldunesFrom Lou Barlow’s cathartic electro-folk musings to Beck’s sometimes experimental freewheeling to Iron & Wine’s A.M.-fuzz soundscape, lo-fi deals with everything from simple pop to free-form song structures. Lo-fi champions - often dorky kids with too much free time, too many instruments crammed into … [Read more...]

Colonel Rhodes – This is Public EP

Colonel RhodesThis is Public EP“No depression! No depression!” Those words shot through my brain like a rallying cry as I listened to Colonel Rhodes’ debut EP, This is Public. I could smell the ghosts of rusting silos and abandoned factories escaping from these five songs, hear them frantically scrambling for the mythical Midwest heartland … [Read more...]

Eleven Minutes Away – Arson Followed Me Home

Eleven Minutes AwayArson Followed Me HomeArson Followed Me Home is the latest addition to the emocore category, which is essentially pop-punk with heavy elements. Describing this band is going to be relatively cut-and-paste, as these guys are practically a carbon copy of Boys Night Out. This is pop-punk on steroids, injected with hardcore … [Read more...]

NeverTheMore – S/T

NeverTheMoreS/TAt a time when emo seems to have pretty much run its course, with little innovation or variation coming from bands making this kind of music, its harder and harder to distinguish yourself in the genre. Your album will probably have some really rock-sounding passages with impassioned vocals and lovelorn lyrics. There will probably be … [Read more...]

Bloc Party – Silent Alarm

Bloc PartySilent AlarmYou have to admire the British in all their self-conscious hipness and bolshie attitudes. It’s hard to deny their position and inevitable appearance at the epicentre of most of the pop cultural phenomena that have taken place over the last 30 odd years. So whether it’s the swinging London of 1967 personified in Antonioni’s … [Read more...]