Above This Fire – In Perspective

Above This Fire
In Perspective

Did you ever see the book, What if They Mated? The authors basically took two photos of celebrities and Photoshoped their distinctive facial characteristics together to form a new picture that looked like both the originals, but neither at the same time. Musically speaking, In Perspective does the same thing.

Straight out of Cleveland, Ohio, if you can imagine, Above This Fire is exactly what the mating of Comeback Kid and Unearth would sound like. The band takes the Swedish metal and breakdown-laden assault of the latter and combines it with the raw energy and punk aesthetic of the former. These guys utilize everything from metallic guitar leads and blast beats to hardcore chord progressions and punk drumming.

In all actuality, the blasts are fairly impressive, as they are well placed and totally solid. The drummer is probably the most solid member of the band; however, his overall style is pretty straight-forward with very few frills. Vocally, the band mixes things up with everything from hardcore yells and throaty screaming to gang vocals some spoken passages.

For the most part, a lot of the guitar work is pretty simple and stays away from any technical fretting, but it manages not to sound dumbed down or like the musicians have a lack of talent. They have a ton of breakdowns on In Perspective, but a lot of them are pretty typical with a few exceptions here and there.

Above This Fire is pretty generic, if not completely derrivitive, but the artists do a decent job nonetheless. In Perspective doesn’t do much to distance them from the hundereds of second-teir metalcore acts, but they have some solid things to build on. Hopefully, natural progression and understanding of music will take hold and Above This Fire will do something special in the future.