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Harris Newman – Accidents with Nature and Each Other

Harris NewmanAccidents with Nature and Each OtherSo anyone that’s been exposed to media of any sort in the last four years is probably well aware that some “really bad stuff” happened. Obvious bashing of the current president aside, the last quarter of 2001 to present saw some rather horrific tragedy and a big ugly war in a desert. It’s crude and … [Read more...]

Above This Fire – In Perspective

Above This FireIn PerspectiveDid you ever see the book, What if They Mated? The authors basically took two photos of celebrities and Photoshoped their distinctive facial characteristics together to form a new picture that looked like both the originals, but neither at the same time. Musically speaking, In Perspective does the same … [Read more...]

Submission Hold – What Holds Back the Elephant

Submission HoldWhat Holds Back the ElephantWhen I saw this record in my review packet, I was immediately taken back to a summer afternoon when I was in high school. My friend Beau had booked Submission Hold to play a house show in his basement, the summer before my senior year. I have to admit that I had some pretty mixed feelings about Submission … [Read more...]

The 101 – Green Street

The 101Green StreetPerhaps the most criminally underrated late-90s band was Christie Front Drive. Lumped in with the Midwestern emo scene and bands such as Mineral and Boys Life, Christie Front Drive had a more textured feel, with amazing guitar work mixed in so that Eric Richter’s vocals seemed a part of the mix, not the discerning element. After … [Read more...]

Die Monitr Batss – Girlz of War

Die Monitr BatssGirlz of WarOnce I liked these Batss. I considered them the retardo-noise-rockin' children I'd never had. Their Spread Your Legs, Release the Bats 7" was a good eight minutes or so of resolute musical nonsense. It was invigorating, kind of. But on Die Monitr Batss' full-length, Girlz of War, the kicks are few and far between. … [Read more...]

The Wading Girl – Based on a true Story

The Wading GirlBased on a true StoryI remember seeing countless bands while in college that were great to drink to and just as easy to block out when you found a cute girl to strike up a conversation with. These bands had a group of nice guys and girls you would see around campus, they were in your English 101 class, and often you would politely … [Read more...]

Rah Bras – EPs

Rah BrasEPsGiven the fact that my exposure to Bollywood soundtracks and obscure Japanese music has been limited to the opening scene of Ghost World, a friend of mine who DJs that stuff, and the convenience store cashier I buy Lone Star beers from that sometimes watches Indian movies behind the counter, reviewing The Rah Bras compilation EPs is a … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Narnack Records Is…A Fist-First Sampler of New Music

Various ArtistsNarnack Records Is...A Fist-First Sampler of New MusicNew York City’s Narnack Records, having inked The Fall to record last year’s excellent The Real New Fall LP, now has found itself with the slightly strange task of overseeing the autumnal careers of one of indie rock’s most prolific and, well, elderly bands. On Narnack’s new … [Read more...]

DMBQ – The Essential Sounds from the Far East

DMBQThe Essential Sounds from the Far EastThere was a time during the late 80s when Americans feared that the Japanese were taking over. Normally stalwart, plaid-shirted men of Republican mores quivered in fear as the long shadow of Japanese expansionism spread across the US. If you’re too young to remember or don’t believe me, watch that old … [Read more...]

Blake Brown – Harboring Secrets

Blake BrownHarboring SecretsThe opening moments of Blake Brown’s sophomore release, the shouted “Just one war” that marks the first sounds on Harboring Secrets, is one of the most raw and emotional moments I’ve heard put to record. It shows a stark contrast to this enigmatic singer/songwriter, the dichotomy between stark and delicate and raw and … [Read more...]