The Shapes – Dreaming of an M16

The Shapes
Dreaming of an M16

If you didn’t know ahead of time that The Shapes were from New York City, it wouldn’t take long into “Dreaming of an M16” to recognize that fact. Male and female vocals work extremely well in these tough but precise rockers, and the band’s influences range quite well from the Pixies and the Cars to the Killers.

The head-bobbing garage-rock style of “Dreaming of an M16” is catchy and yet gritty, but what lends the song its real spark is this edgy synth line that warbles and spits at you from the background. The combination of male and female vocals – both with a hint of sultry come-on style – also shine on this highly professional-sounding track. There’s also some blazing guitar near the track’s end that I especially like.

By the end of this song, I find myself bouncing in my chair. It’s too high-energy not to. The guitars really rock, edgy yet comfortably in the NYC garage-rock style of the moment. And yet this band doesn’t seem to me to be another take-off of the Killers or the Bravery or the like. The double vocals and the excellent synth backing really make “Dreaming of an M16” stand out to me.