Smoke and Smoke – Love Suffers Long

Smoke and Smoke
Love Suffers Long

Smoke and Smoke is a three-piece band from Washington consisting of Spencer Moody, Mike Kunka, and Dan Haugh. Each guy has been in a variety of bands – either together or on their own – including godheadsilo (Sub Pop), Enemymine (K Records, UP Records), Murder City Devils (Sub Pop), and Dead Low Tide (Tigerstyle). It’s no surprise based on this pedigree that they got together and formed Smoke and Smoke, named after a local head shop. There’s only one thing they want you to know about their band and their music, and that is they don’t give a fuck.

This is a good sentiment to have for a band whose lyrics are meant to show just how indifferent and apathetic a person can be. These guys seem to have disdain for anyone who cares about anything and enough angst to dampen the mood at a children’s party. Moody, Kunka, and Haugh seem to put equal effort into the actual music – recorded themselves in their practice space and full of repetitive, lukewarm tempos. Spencer Moody kind of barks along like it’s punk-rock spoken-word night at the local dive bar.

Smoke and Smoke is also adamant that this debut, Love Suffers Long, is a full-length and not an EP. It may be nine songs, but there’s barely 20 minutes of music here so it just doesn’t feel like a complete album regardless of what anyone tells you. Still, unless you enjoy hearing repeatedly that Smoke and Smoke “don’t give a fuck-fuck-fuck” the brevity of the whole project might be a blessing. While Moody screams “do you think Smoke and Smoke haven’t heard one like you before?” he should be considering whether music fans have heard this before and cared enough to listen to it twice.

Sure, there is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek aspect to Smoke and Smoke. I’m not saying these guys take themselves too seriously because this album would just be a joke, but I would say they need to venture away from the plodding rhythms that sound so similar from song to song that it’s almost like listening to one big 20-minute rant on everything that sucks. If this actually appeals to you then by all means, check out Love Suffers Long.