People for Audio – And This Will Be Our Homecoming

People for Audio
And This Will Be Our Homecoming

It was only a week ago that I began to wonder why the world of post-rock didn’t have more utilization of the ridiculously versatile sound of a simple piano… and then, in a moment of sheer chance, I stumbled upon People for Audio. Now, don’t be immediately turned off by the words “post-rock”. Yes, People for Audio is a post-rock band that plays long, massive songs akin to Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor and – wait, don’t hit the back button, really. You’d be missing out on an instrumental rock group that’s actually worth your time.

The first thing that should be mentioned about “And This Will Be Our Homecoming” is that this is a sprawling, 17-minute song that’s easy to get lost in – and I mean that in the most utterly enjoyable of ways. Like almost every other instrumental epic out there, this song doesn’t consist of choruses or verses; it’s a chain of vast soundscapes linked together with small interludes and shifts in mood. But unlike almost every other instrumental epic out there, inside these great sonic expanses are constantly listenable, tight little patterns and compositions. There are no sections of aimless, ambient noise or tiresome, unchanging sequences that serve no purpose but something to fast-forward through – in this song, there is always something happening, something ending, something on the rise, something exploding, or something crashing down.

The use of a basic, unmodified piano on “And This Will Be Our Homecoming” is not excessive or gimmicky – it’s used as a vital component in the little arrangements the band members craft throughout their dense, lengthy sessions. The fact that they successfully incorporate talented, lively songwriting and excellent use of something so simply original as the piano into a style of music that’s been rehashed and repackaged again and again shows that they have a gift that cannot be faked and a style that should not be ignored.