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L. Pierre – Touchpool

L. PierreTouchpoolThe foundation for Touchpool is simple. The seven songs contain mostly drum machines and orchestral loops, with added live instrumentation used throughout but not to such degree as to change the basic formula. One would expect either something danceably upbeat and derivative, or bare-bones and experimental. One might not expect … [Read more...]

The Art Ghetto – Slumming

The Art GhettoSlummingRemember that scene at the end of Sid and Nancy where Sid is dancing in a New York City ghetto to KC & the Sunshine Band (his version of hell or heaven, I think)? That’s probably the closest anyone could have thought punk rock and disco would become a cohesive unit... until now! Actually, no not hardly, but LA’s The Art Ghetto … [Read more...]

The Loved Ones – S/T EP

The Loved OnesS/T EPThe Loved Ones is a new three-piece from Philly with some veteran musicians. The band members previously played in Kid Dynamite (bass), The Curse (guitar, vocals), and Trial By Fire (drums), and they are releasing a debut EP on Jade Tree Records. These five tracks of raw rockers are produced by a big name, Brian McTernan … [Read more...]

Frank Smith – Burn This House Down

Frank SmithBurn This House DownFrank Smith isn't a guy. Well, mainly it is a guy, one guy, but he's not named Frank Smith. He's named Aaron Sinclair. Frank Smith is Sinclair's band, but its numbers can balloon from one up to a half dozen. The music Frank Smith makes is in that breezy, folky, and lazy (sometimes in a good way, sometimes bad) … [Read more...]

Six Organs of Admittance – School of the Flower

Six Organs of AdmittanceSchool of the FlowerIf the indie-rock pundits are to be believed, the recent crop of “freak-folk” progenitors – Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Animal Collective, and the like – are as notable for their obscure influences as they are for their music. John Fahey? Check. Vashti Bunyan? Check. Michael Hurley? Check. As … [Read more...]

Shearwater – Thieves EP

ShearwaterThieves EPIt’s mid-February in upstate New York, and winter has firmly sunk its teeth into the land. This is the time when the snow, built up over the past two months and unbroken by even the hint of over-32-degree weather, turns into something as solid and unyielding as rock. The air has a hard and heavy quality itself, the grayness of a … [Read more...]

The Zak – Orlando – The Social, Fl – 2005-02-23

The ZakWhere: Orlando - The Social, Fl.When: 2005-02-23Beep Beep is a Saddle Creek band that doesn't play melancholy shoegazing music. The label responsible for the juggernaut that is Bright Eyes has ventured into the strange-but-intriguing school of noise rock with the release of Beep Beep's debut album, Business Casual. Borrowing Joel Peterson of … [Read more...]

Hitchhike – Night Light EP

HitchhikeNight Light EPThere is something comforting in the nostalgic eyewink of the mid-90s broad, black and white, easily digestible strokes. The musical canvass was a semi-irony-free, straight-forward, blank mirror reflecting the relatively humble state of indie rock to the listener. From a random sampling of labels like Merge, Matador, and … [Read more...]

Lesbians on Ecstasy – S/T

Lesbians on EcstasyS/TEarlier tonight, the girly girl and I accompanied some friends to the theatrical version of The Merchant of Venice, starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons. As far as Shakespeare adaptations go, this one is one of the best, and Pacino should get nominated for this next year. So any of you Lit geeks out there or maybe those more … [Read more...]

Mike Ferraro – S/T EP

Mike FerraroS/T EPIt’s a shame Mike Ferraro could only spare us three songs on this brief introduction to his talents. He’s got a couple of years gigging in and around NYC under his belt and a jones for sturdy pop songwriting delivered in an unfussy, spontaneous state - useful when you’re a performance guerilla, ready to jump at the next available … [Read more...]