Other Passengers – In the Belly

Other Passengers
In the Belly

If you think that the doom and gloom, post-punk NYC scene has devolved into nothing but a string of bland Interpol-imitators, you need a heavy dose of Other Passengers’ tense and twisting style of indie-rock. Gripping in its eerie darkness, exciting in its motley group of influences, Other Passengers’ sound is something that any fan of glowering, atmospheric post-punk should hear.

“In the Belly” is creepy, intense, and as serious as a homicide. When the singer’s erratic voice moans “We’re lookin’ for the world to crumble,”, you know these guys mean business. The cut-it-with-a-knife tension increases 10-fold once the song reaches a stunningly dramatic conclusion, with the entire band channeling everything they’re made of through their instruments, and while it’s unmistakably heartbreaking, at the same time it’s powerful and cathartic.

There is a saying that runs something like this, “There’s no reason to be depressed by music if it’s beautiful, because beautiful music is something to be joyful about.” And while it may be hidden beneath the jarring noise, edgy vocals, and chilling themes, this band’s music is beautiful.