Mourning After – Meltdown

Mourning After

Avoiding pill puns was difficult in writing this little review, but I should note that Mourning After is a tough act to swallow. I knew almost everything I wanted to know about the band from the font that graces the band name on the website. I was expecting metal, perhaps goth-influenced metal, but what I got was more agro-rock of the kind gracing your local ratings-starved hard-rock radio station.

Some would call that a good thing, because there’s obviously a market for such Limp Bizkit, Korn-influenced fare. And “Meltdown” reminds me of Korn, especially in the lead singer’s vocal tone. But there’s definitely more metal here, from the song’s build-up to the chugging guitar parts mid song. They’re mixed weirdly though, comfortably below the more hard-rock guitar riffing so they’re not quite as overbearing as I fear they will sound on other songs. And the mixing puts the lead singer’s voice a little too fore in the mix for my taste, but then there’s not much here that really suits my taste.

So why am I writing about this band? Well, someone asked. And, I suppose, others may enjoy the long-haired Metallica-influenced rockers. The guitars are impressive, and a quick glimpse at other tracks reveal some creative touches. But the end result is a metal/hard-rock hybrid that does little for me.