Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure EP

Maximo Park
Apply Some Pressure EP

The new-wave revolution of the 1980s has become retro. Duran Duran and Morrissey have become cool again (hell, they’re both currently touring), and a new batch of bands weaned on the synthesizers and eyeliner of the Reagan years have sprouted up all over the music charts. Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, and The Killers are surely names everyone has heard by now.

The newest group of boys in tight pants and skinny ties calls itself Maximo Park. They’re from northeast of London, and they’re about to release their first release, Apply Some Pressure. It’s a short, four-song EP, but a perfect introduction to a band that could be next year’s big thing.

The title track, “Apply Some Pressure,” is going to be a massive radio hit. It’ll be their “Somebody Told Me” (The Killers), or “Song #2” (Blur). The song is fast, fun, and guranteed to stick in your head after the first listen. It is a perfect example of what a pop song should be.

Maximo Park, according to Warp Records, will be “the most important pop commodity since Pulp.” The Pulp influence is easy to hear, but listen deeper and you’ll hear elements of XTC, The Jam, The Undertones, and Mick Jones’ post-Clash project, Big Audio Dynamite. The melodies are catchy and upbeat, and the lyrics are about the fickle nature of love and being stuck in a small town desperate for a sense of release. Above all else, they sing about everyday life and the internal struggles and insecurities we feel when we’re young. “I am young and I am lost / Every sentence has it’s cost,” they sing is “The Coast is Always Changing.” Keep your eyes on this band; it’s headed for brightness.