The Adored – S/T EP

The Adored

The Adored is Los Angeles’ latest secret. The band has shared bills with Supergrass and with The Futureheads, and the guys played a private party hosted by Interpol. LA Weekly nominated the band for “Best Dance Artist” of 2004, and Buzzcocks frontman, Pete Shelley, is such a fan that he appears as a guest vocalist on this debut EP. Not a bad start for four guys who’ve barely toured outside of their native California.

The band’s five-song EP takes the danceable energy of British pop, the apathetic attitude of 70s punk, and the eye makeup of new-wave and California-izes it. The result sounds like The Buzzcocks meets the Circle Jerks. Androgynous pretty boys with a love for everything British (even the name is borrowed from a Stone Roses song), the ambiguity is flaunted in a track called “She’s a Boy,” “She’s a boy / girl problems have become history / She’s a boy / my problems, your problems.”

The Adored doesn’t sound like your average LA band; it sounds like an above-average British band. Maybe that’s not an entirely original way to go, but then again everyone rips everyone else off. So as long as these guys are making good music, I can accept the fact that these songs would have easily fit on a record by The Undertones or Blur.