Before Today – A Celebration of an Ending

Before Today
A Celebration of an Ending

Before Today’s debut, A Celebration of an Ending, is a terribly pretentious mix of emo-influenced pop-punk a la New Found Glory with a little bit of a more aggresive edge to it similar to The Used or Finch. However, Before Today’s songwriting isn’t strong enough to warrant any radio stardom and not original enough to garner any type of street cred.

If you couldn’t tell already, I really hate this music. I really don’t understand Equal Vision Records sometimes. I mean, the label puts out masterpieces like Converge’s Jane Doe and The Snake, The Cross, The Crown’s Mander Salis and then releases crap like this. At best, Before Today is a poor man’s version of bands that are already suck enough without some pretentious kids butchering the sound even further.

Keeping all this in mind, I totally hate this album, but it will probably be immensely popular in the coming months. If you somehow accidentally get a copy of this, I recommend giving it to your little sister or something. That’s probably the target audience anyway.