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The December Drive – Hands Like Guns and Crashing Sounds

The December DriveHands Like Guns and Crashing SoundsAfter first hearing of The December Drive, it took a while until I heard more than the name. One look at the moniker and I assumed this would be a generic-sounding band. Hands Like Guns and Crashing Sounds, the band's debut CD, proved me wrong and then some. The young Weslaco, Texas quintet … [Read more...]

Dearest, Crown – The Path to Going Down

Dearest, CrownThe Path to Going DownJohn Darnielle’s list of title-naming no-nos expressly decrees that all punctuation marks are prohibited (except for exclamation points! of course!). If there’s one thing Dearest, Crown should refrain from doing, it’s sending a promo to the King of the Mountain Goats, as Mr. Capricorn there would immediately … [Read more...]

Like Moving Insects – Musical Album

Like Moving InsectsMusical AlbumThere’s a whole mess of ragged, achy grace to Musical Album, the debut LP from Philadelphia’s multi-instrumental five-piece Like Moving Insects. The album’s so twangy, you’d think these city boys had stumbled onto Grampy’s still. Here’s to hoping the guys in the band have all their teeth. The twang on this album … [Read more...]

Cex – Starship Galactica

CexStarship GalacticaOkay, I admit it. It’s been a bad week. I broke my car’s CD player accidentally, my MP3 player is skipping, my friends are crazy, my room is messy, I’m tired, and Cex isn’t helping the situation much. You’d think that a guy whose name is pronounced “Sex” would be more helpful for mentally tired guys, but nope - this just flat … [Read more...]

Summer Darling – I Know You – I Never Knew You

Summer DarlingI Know You - I Never Knew YouIt may be too early in 2005 to call Summer Darling's I Know You - I Don't Know You my most surprising album of the year, especially since it was released by the band in 2004, but it's been my favorite album for several weeks now. From start to finish, this album is a fantastic listen, traveling from … [Read more...]

Lowcloudcover – I Took a Second too Long EP

LowcloudcoverI Took a Second too Long EPThe San Diego band Lowcloudcover, which has been operating for a few years now, has yet to release a proper album. These guys have been party to compilations, and in 2002 they put out an EP of four songs. Their latest offering, I Took a Second too Long, collects five new songs (plus an “intro” piece) into … [Read more...]

Until the End – The Blind Leading the Lost

Until the EndThe Blind Leading the LostUntil the End is the pride of South Florida's straight-edge hardcore community. After the band's debut EP on Equal Vision and debut full-length Blood in the Ink on Eulogy, Until the End is ready to unleash The Blind Leading the Lost upon the masses. First off, the layout on this album is a satirical … [Read more...]

The Shivering – & Brand the Ground With Storm and Song

The Shivering& Brand the Ground With Storm and SongSo I recently finished up a series of reviews I called "Bad Emo and How to Avoid It". It had lots of bad emo bands in it, all of them sporting one heinous crime or another. Mostly, their fault was that not many of them were actually emotional hardcore. The Shivering have one claim: "Death to … [Read more...]

A.C. Newman – The Slow Wonder

A.C. NewmanThe Slow WonderPower-pop is an oft ill-respected genre. After all, most of its output is trite, uninventive, and boring. Once in a good while, however, every genre is due for a bit of CPR by an intelligent, gifted songwriter. A.C. Newman, the current chief songwriter in the New Pornographers, has breathed a bit of life into the genre … [Read more...]

Neko Case – The Tigers Have Spoken

Neko CaseThe Tigers Have SpokenNeko Case fans have been waiting quite awhile for a follow-up to 2002’s Blacklisted and it looks as though the pining will continue until early this year before a new studio album is released. However, Ms. Case recently released a live album called The Tigers Have Spoken to help kill the time. If you aren’t already … [Read more...]